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What an incredible week at HPE Discover! Logicalis and our clients immersed themselves in a wealth of knowledge and innovative solutions from HPE, sparking new ideas for implementation in our own environments. Here are the key takeaways from the event.

Key Announcements and Partnerships

HPE and nVidia Partnership – The standout announcement was the collaboration with nVidia and the introduction of the HPE Private Cloud AI offering. This integrates nVidia GPU technologies with HPE’s complete architecture stack, including HPE Greenlake. HPE’s clear message: they provide the infrastructure to support edge-to-cloud AI capabilities. Whether our clients are leveraging ML, DL, Gen AI, or developing their own models, this partnership sets HPE apart.

Greenlake Highlights

Greenlake continues to be a focal point at the Discover conference. It has evolved beyond merely financing infrastructure needs to helping clients create and manage fully functional private clouds. The marketplace enhances this with various offerings:

  • Nutanix: Alows organizations to avoid the Broadcom hit.
  • Openshift: Continued modernization of client applications.
  • Veeam: Allows for complete protection of data within the Greenlake private cloud.

The list of offerings is extensive and continually growing, providing more tools for our clients to leverage.

Private Cloud Business Edition

Logicalis is also embracing the Private Cloud Business Edition (PCBE). An AI-enabled virtual Antonio avatar explained the comprehensive nature of this offering. It allows clients to host, manage, and protect workloads using HPE Hyperconverged or dHCI solutions, extending seamlessly into the public cloud.

Beyond Traditional Infrastructure

A standout session with Ian Bremmer discussed the geopolitical impact of AI. A key insight was the growing influence of tech giants on international politics. For example, during the early days of the Ukraine war, while NATO and the US hesitated, Starlink—a private company—enabled Ukraine to maintain military communication. This highlights the need for future political strategies to consider the interests of global private companies.