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Some say exploring the cloud can be confusing and overwhelming.

“Cloud computing is merely a buzzword placed on a delivery model that has been around for years.”

“Customers aren’t willing to dive into cloud computing because it just isn’t mature enough yet.”

“The cloud has gotten way more attention than it deserves. Can we finally move on?”

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Some say cloud computing can benefit today’s forward-looking organizations.

“Cloud computing is first and foremost about business innovation through technology, not the other way around. It results from a combination of seemingly marginal technology innovations that collectively deliver a game-changing business model for developing, deploying and maintaining software.”

“The cloud [is] a safe place for enterprise applications.”

“Cloud providers take advantage of economies of scale, and in so doing can provide services that, for the SMB market, were heretofore impossible to acquire.”

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What do you say, Hype or Ripe?

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