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Guest post by Kevin Gruneisen, VP of Data Center Solutions

Can the oil and vinegar in the data center ever come together? Oh, I’m not talking about the networking and storage guys. I’m talking about operations and IT. Never before did I worry about operations as much as I do now. In the past, operations was just there to make sure the power was ready for the servers I was selling. Now, with virtualization, server and desktop, and the thought of implementing a private cloud (what’s that?), operations is in the hot seat, or should I say the hot aisle/cold aisle seat.

You see, running virtualization means increasing server workloads while decreasing physical servers. But, start tweaking it and letting workloads move around the data center and all the sudden a cold spot could become a hot spot. Putting in vitalization at the desktop level? You are adding servers again, not subtracting; get ready for more power and cooling requirements.

So, are you seeing the big picture, too? What do you think – is operations in the hot seat for you (Ripe), or is this just Hype?

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