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In a recent study, Gartner identified the top five issues that privacy officers must pay particular attention to in 2011 and 2012.

  1. Data breaches – so, you should consider data loss prevention tools, tokenization, data masking and privacy management tools.
  2. Location-based services – many providers are still in the “collect” stage rather than the “use” stage. They compile vast amounts of information, often without a clear plan of what to do with it.
  3. Cloud computing challenges traditional legal and technical privacy protection – privacy officers, and IT leaders, should support IT’s cloud and offshore initiatives where possible while achieving maximum privacy protection for the individual customer or employee.
  4. The value of privacy determines necessary protection, but it’s difficult to quantify – privacy officers should set up a process to identify stakeholders for personal information, gather requirements from them, influence the design of the business process and applications, and plan for adjustments.
  5. Regulatory changes are imminent and ongoing – monitoring of regulatory changes and, consequently, adjusting the organization’s privacy strategy are important

What do you think of these privacy concerns for your business?  Are they Hype (these aren’t your top concerns) or Ripe (this list summarizes your biggest privacy concerns)?

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