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As CIO, do you have some responsibility for e-waste?  Electronics, computers, etc. are tossed to the trash every day – what part does the CIO play?

Here are some tips to consider:

  • Update your e-waste policies.
  • When making IT purchases, up-front consideration of how disposal of those products will be managed can help reduce e-waste and cut handling costs.
  • Reduce consumption.
  • Reuse.
  • Recycle. CIOs can contract with companies that collect surplus equipment, follow secure data-wiping processes, refurbish equipment (if possible), disassemble electronics to recover precious metals and recyclable materials, and appropriately handle hazardous waste and minimize landfill.
  • Community outreach – educate about waste.

What do you think about these tips? Is this Hype, and the CIO doesn’t play a role in reducing e-waste, or is this Ripe, and you agree that CIOs should consider these factors to reduce e-waste?

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