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In 2011, one of the biggest technology trends has been the continuing influx of consumer-oriented products into the workplace. With everything from iPads and iPhones to Android phones and tablets, it’s clear the consumerization of IT reached a new record.

Now, it’s not a question of if IT departments will support and embrace consumer-first devices, or bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs — now, the issue is more about when and how.

According to Ryan Faas at ComputerWorld, many IT leaders are taking these action items:

  • Identify employee-owned devices on the network
  • Select recommended platforms for users
  • Provision devices for secure access and centralized monitoring
  • Deal with lost or stolen devices
  • Easily wipe corporate data from employee devices
  • Coordinate volume purchases from public app stores (particularly Apple’s)
  • Publish in-house apps

What do you think about this – is it Hype, and your company is not embracing BYOD programs yet, or is this Ripe, and you agree that BYOD programs are here to stay?

We’d love to hear how your company is using BYOD programs in the comments below.

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