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In 2011, Android tablets were all the rage.  In 2010, it was 3D TVs and e-readers.  Way back in 2009, netbooks were the hot topic.  So, do you agree with predictions for 2012’s hot list?  Take a look at these five Consumer Electronics Show (CES) trends that people are talking about for 2012:

  1. OLED – Organic Light Emitting Diode displays promise more vivid colors, faster response times, and smaller device footprints compared to LCD/LED TVs, but the technology has yet to break into the television market.
  2. Ultrabooks – Intel introduced the concept of Ultrabooks, which are laptops with slim designs, solid state drives, and longer battery life, in May. Since then, we’ve seen a number of Ultrabooks hit the market
  3. Quad-core phones – The first round of quad-core smartphones are expected within the first three months of 2012.
  4. 4K – A type of display resolution that has four times the pixel density of 1080p HDTVs, the current gold standard for mass market high-definition displays.
  5. Ice Cream Sandwich – The release of Google’s latest Android flavor, Ice Cream Sandwich.

What’s your opinion of these early predictions?  Is this Hype or Ripe in your opinion?  We’d love to hear what trends you expect to see in 2012 in the comments below.

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