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A recent survey of top CIOs via yielded five reasons getting out of the office and connecting with customers should be on every CIOs list of priorities.

  1. Venture Into the Wild – Experiencing the ground-level of the business can lead to insights top executives would otherwise not encounter.
  2. Cultivate CIO Buddies – Talking informally with other industry CIOs facilitates the exchange of ideas and solutions.
  3. Get Your Staff Out – Experiencing other areas of the company firsthand can close the gap between what we think happens and what actually happens.
  4. Study the Data – Industry intelligence is crucial to developing effective tools.
  5. Go Beyond the Dog and Pony Show – When brought into business development meetings, it’s more than participating in the sales pitch, it’s about gaining product and competitor insight through the purchaser’s eyes.

Is this the best set of benefits to outside interactions and this is Ripe? Or have you experienced others and this is Hype?

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