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A move to the Cloud does not mean that your IT staff has to be fearful of losing their jobs. Making a move to the Cloud will change the daily work for the IT staff, but it will not make their presence in the company obsolete. It is important for employees on the IT staff to look at a move to the Cloud with a proactive approach, rather than trying to resist the change of the company. One way that a company can help their IT staff be proactive is by providing the IT staff with training to prepare for the  move to the Cloud focusing on information that will be most beneficial such as project management and interpersonal communication.

CIO reports that only 7% of companies say that their IT staff has skills exactly where they want them to be. Forty-six percent of companies estimate that the main factor contributing to their IT staff’s skill gap is fast changing technology.

Do you think that a company’s IT staff should be proactive when it comes to a move the Cloud and this is ripe? Or do you think this is just hype?

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