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The Cloud is not typically thought of as a place with a lot of traffic. Cloud apps are simple and separable; therefore it would seem that movement in the cloud would be easy to navigate. But when your Cloud becomes more complex, with more and more information there are sure to be traffic jams.

Here are 12 ways that CIO suggests to avoid causing Traffic Jams in your company’s Cloud:
1. Check for administrative certification
2. Create a process step to ensure that proposed changes are reviewed before implemented
3. Use a configuration management tool or version-managed documents to keep track of changes that are made
4. Have unit tests for all modules that have more than 90% test coverage and do assertion testing for major positive and negative test cases
5. Run unit test and record results daily
6. Use ANT or some similar scriptable deployment system on a regular basis
7. Have system-level tests
8. Run all system tests and record results at least once a week
9. Have several sandboxes which are frequently synchronized/refreshed
10. Have system administration configuration control practices that prevent experimental changes from persisting beyond the experiment
11. Have controls that prevent undocumented changes to either sandbox or production systems
12. Have controls that prevent changes from being applied directly to production systems

Do you think that Cloud Traffic Jams can be avoided? If so are these suggestions ripe or hype?

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