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Technology is improving how we do things in nearly every part of our lives, and especially how we work. Computers are faster, the internet is better and the cloud can hold more data than ever before.

And now technology is improving the data center. Researchers have found that bouncing information around a data center, via 60GHz Wi-Fi, can speed things up by 30% compared to using traditional cables. This technique is still being worked on, but it could become part of our routine in the future.

This new approach is called “3D beamforming” and it was created by scientists at the University of California. The scientists had realized that the data center would become congested at certain parts of the day because of short bursts of activity. In order to combat this most data center managers maintain a maximum bandwidth during those short bursts and then let the bandwidth sit idle during other parts of the day. Instead of using this method, the “3D beamforming” would send the short burst of traffic directly to the servers that need the information avoiding competition with other servers.

Another perk to the “3D beamforming” method is that the wireless links can be turned off and on as needed, saving bandwidth.

Is this ripe and the future of the Data Center? Or is this information hype?

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