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Cloud computing is a great tool for companies to use, and it has lots of different benefits. However, it is very important for companies to focus on properly transitioning to the cloud in order to maximize the benefits they will receive.

Here is a simple self-assessment your company can use to make sure you gain the most from the cloud.

  1. Test the cloud attitude in your organization. One approach is to talk about cloud computing in a meeting. When you announce you are going to talk about cloud computing look around the room to survey the attitude of your employees. Based on their reaction you can decide how much motivating you will have to do to get people excited about the cloud or if you might need to help your employees stay focused on the issues you wish to solve with the cloud, rather than the hype.
  2. Take a look at your technology. Do you have good processes in place around the management of technology? Is your infrastructure running smoothly? How about your applications? Do you have inefficient processes and a mess of technology? Wherever your company lands on the technology spectrum will make an incredible difference in how smooth your move to the cloud is. It is important that you make an honest assessment to allow for the best cloud transition.

Do you believe these two self-assessment areas could help your company gain more benefits from the cloud? Or is this assessment just more cloud hype?

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