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The 2012 Summer Olympics in London were a huge success. The whole world watched as athletes from their respective countries competed in the events that they had been training for their whole lives.

However, what most people didn’t realize is how the attention focused on the Olympics also meant a lot of attention focused on data around the Olympics. The official Olympic website attracted more than 1 billion visitors and more than 2 billion visitors went to the NBC Olympics website. Needless to say IT professionals were busy managing the supporting infrastructures, preventing unexpected outages, and ensuring everything kept running smoothly throughout this massive spike in network traffic. has gleaned 8 IT lessons from the Olympics’ hectic time in IT:

1.     Business intelligence can expose data in new ways

2.     Keep an eye on networks during online broadcasts

3.     Social networking can cripple GPS services

4.     Stress-test your website with the cloud

5.     Plan for mass deployments and training

6.     Protect lost or stolen devices

7.     Avoid potential high-profile scams

8.     Beef up data center capacity

Do you agree with these lessons from the Olympics, making them ripe? Or is the information gathered from the Olympics hype when it comes to the everyday data center?

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