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Whether your cloud is managed internally or by a cloud service provider it is important that you are managing and monitoring the cloud to keep it running optimally.

When your company’s cloud is managed internally it is critical that the IT department have the skills needed to organize, develop and host the cloud. When your company has a cloud service provider manage your cloud then it is equally important that your IT department knows what services to pick, can negotiate service level agreements, and can integrate off-site offerings with on-site data.

Whichever category your company falls into it is still crucial that they acquire these essential skills:

  • Business and Financial skills
  • Technical skills
  • Enterprise architecture and business needs analysis
  • Project management skills
  • Contact and vendor negotiation
  • Security and compliance
  • Data integration and analysis skills
  • Mobile app development and management

Will these skills help IT professionals when it comes to managing the cloud, making these skills ripe? Or are these skills hype when it comes to managing the cloud?

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