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IT is a quick-paced, always changing, work environment. There are constant changes when it comes to IT products and services and one of the quickest evolving services right now is the cloud. The cloud is constantly changing and more people are beginning to use it every day.

These constant changes can make it intimidating for end users. It makes them feel as though they can’t keep up with the cloud and other products and services, let alone stay ahead of the curve. However, on the flip side as IT companies dedicate their time and energy to improving their products and services it can be frustrating when customers are afraid to use new products or services because they seem foreign.

With this in mind, the Logicalis team has identified eleven ways that IT companies can help customers feel as though they aren’t being forced into an unknown world when it comes to IT changes:

1. Let them know what you have done before
2. Explain your pricing
3. Explain your value
4. Explain how your offering can best fit their company
5. Explain the need for your products or services
6. Explain why the cloud is here to stay
7. Explain how cloud security works
8. Make your cloud transparent
9. Show them how they will have control
10. Explain why the cloud needs to be part of IT
11. Explain how the cloud can be integrated

Do you believe addressing these concerns will help a company become more comfortable with IT changes making this ripe? Or is this just hype?

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