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This week’s Fast 5 Cloud live event was held at IO’s Arizona Data Center. IO’s data center one of the first completely modular data centers in the world.

To give you a picture of the data center it has:
• Facility size: ½ million square feet
• Offering: High-density, scaled services
• Modular on-premise, off-premise
• 20+ generators
• Second facility ever to be Tier 3 certified

A data center like the one that IO has built is beneficial for many reasons. This kind of data center can leverage hosted facilities to build on shared infrastructure services, which gets to the market quickly. The data center can quickly expand to on-premise, is flexible and has the ability to move cloud services out as growth around the country occurs.

IO’s Arizona data center is a great example of how a data center should function. So how should you go about making sure your data center is moving in IO’s direction? First, it is important to create a roadmap on getting to a cloud model to ensure due diligence, rather than just jumping in.

Think about things like:
• Private or Public cloud?
• Do I have legacy environments?
• App to App: Where is the best place for me to run each app?
• What is my infrastructure capable of now? Where do I want to move?

This is a quick overview of what was talked about in this week’s Fast 5 Cloud event. Stay tuned for a follow-up post answering many of the questions discussed during the event.