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One of the most concerning aspects of BYOD is the applications that employees decide to put on their devices. These apps can contain viruses that will hurt the devices, but they can be intrusive in other ways as well. Many apps can infringe on people’s privacy by invading a device’s address book or other private information on the device. And free apps have been found to be particularly risky.

Because of the risks many companies have decided to enforce strong security for BYOD. This can, for example, include signing an agreement that the company has the right to wipe the device if any problems arise and not allowing company owned devices to connect to the app store.

Do you agree that Apps are risky when it comes to BYOD, making this ripe? Or do you think this is hype? If this is Ripe, then how do you think companies should handle BYOD when it comes to apps? Let us know in the comments below!

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