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Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is still relatively new, which can make it hard for companies to know what they want to look for when looking for the best DRaaS provider. Gartner’s Disaster Recovery expert, John Morency, has a few tips on what to look for when searching for the right DRaaS provider.

  • Provider’s standing in the market, its portfolio of services and financial stability
  • Service level agreement
  • Number of recoveries performed
  • Number of years in the business, ownership, number of offices, names of the five largest clients and the length of relationship with each
  • Organizational charts of key personnel assigned to your account and contact information
  • Experience with customers in a similar size and industry to yours

Do you feel that knowing these things from a potential DRaaS provider will help you make a more informed decision making this ripe? Or are these questions only hype?

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