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In a recent survey 82% of employees admitted that they were concerned about their employers tracking websites on their personal devices. And 86% were concerned that their employer may delete personal data without their authorization. These concerns can cause a lot of tension between employers and employees surrounding BYOD.

Based off of the survey there doesn’t seem to be a lot of trust when between employer and employee when it comes to BYOD. In fact 3 out of 5 survey respondents said they wouldn’t let their employer install an app on their personal device or view the personal apps that they already had installed.

BYOD is a touchy issue for both employer and employee. Employers don’t want to find out about their employees’ personal data, but they want to make sure that the company’s data is safe. And employees want to make sure that their personal data is safe and isn’t affected by company data security.

Do you agree that BYOD is touchy issue for employers and employees, and this is ripe? Or is BYOD being blown out of proportion and this is hype?

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