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The cloud continues to grow. A cloud growth estimate from Forrester predicts the cloud market will reach $118 billion by 2014 while a prediction from Gartner estimates $148 billion by the same year. But no matter what the market reaches in 2014 it is certain that the global demand for hosted IT services will continue to push cloud computing’s rapid growth.

While it is certain that the cloud will continue to grow in 2013, exactly what this growth will look like is still uncertain. So here are a few predictions about what might be seen in 2013:

  • Cloud adoption will move into early majority state in the U.S.
  • Local cloud networks will emerge
  • Business consumerization of Enterprise IT provisioning and usage
  • Community clouds will advance

Do you agree that the cloud will continue to grow and change the way we do business in the years to come? If so do you believe these predictions about the cloud in 2013 are ripe? Or are these predictions only hype?

Feel free to make your own 2013 cloud predictions in the comments below, or to vote for the cloud in our 2013 Tech Trends Poll.

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