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The cloud has become more and more prominent in business over the last few years. With this change there have also come more cloud jobs. And while the cloud continues to grow over the next few years the cloud will continue to employ more and more people.

The challenge that this brings is that most companies aren’t sure how to define what a cloud role would be. Because the cloud is still so new, they are not sure what to name cloud positions or even what specific skills would be necessary for hiring a cloud-focused employee. And since there is so much left in question, businesses are also unsure how much to pay their cloud-focused employees.

Does your business have a handle of what the cloud employee role should look like? Or are you like most businesses today that are trying to figure it out? Let us know in the comments section.

And do you agree that this is ripe, and the cloud role is still unsettled? Or is this just hype?

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