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Most IT leaders agree that cloud computing represents the future of enterprise IT, however few enterprise IT organizations focus on cloud computing. They even make decisions today that contradict and create challenge for cloud implementation.  Further, they would make different decisions if they were focused on cloud.

A main reason for this might be that they don’t know how to embrace the cloud to its fullest, or how to create a cloud environment for themselves that would compare to what cloud providers have.

CIO has come up with 5 ways enterprise IT leaders can embrace the best practices of the cloud:

  1. Hold on sales calls: Plans are being sold to enterprise IT companies that are not being used in the public cloud. Enterprise IT needs to stop saying yes to these sales calls.
  2. Dig into DevOps: It is worth it to investigate DevOps software development methods for rapid and agile development.
  3. Settle for cheap and good enough: Stop paying top dollar, even for cloud computing or storage.
  4. Scale by design: Don’t add an application to the portfolio before having a clear plan as to how it will scale over time.
  5. Hire the best: Hire the best people.

Are these 5 tips ripe when it comes to enterprise IT leaders embracing the cloud? Or are these tips hype and won’t assist enterprise IT when it comes to the cloud?

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