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It can be difficult to prepare your IT infrastructure to take advantage of cloud computing. There are a lot of things that need to be considered when going through the process. You will need to upgrade, revise and sometimes create systems during the process.

Logicalis has created 14 key technology areas that need to be addressed to put a suitable foundation in place for the cloud:

1.            Server Hardware

2.            Storage

3.            Networking

4.            Data Backup Systems

5.            Virtualization

6.            System Management/Monitoring

7.            Service Orchestration

8.            Configuration Management

9.            Chargeback/Showback

10.          Performance/Capacity Planning Tools

11.          Service Catalog

12.          Change Management/CMBD

13.          Adoption of SaaS

14.          PaaS Management of Key Applications

Do you agree that addressing these 14 technology areas will assist you in putting a suitable foundation in place for the cloud, and this is ripe? Or is this only hype?

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