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BYOD is an industry hot topic right now. Employees love it because it gives them a chance to choose their own devices. They can decide to use phones, computers and tablets that they believe will help them be more effective and more efficient.

Employers love the idea of saving some money by letting their employees choose and pay for their own devices. It does, however, make employers worry when they think about the security aspect of BYOD. Therefore some companies have started leveraging the BYOD trend with virtual desktops. This allows companies to maintain control of the data and the software while still enabling employees to make decisions about devices.

Using virtual desktops will allow employees to “own” their devices. They will be able to install their own software and apps, but you will also be able to provide a more reliable IT environment by moving the desktop and applications to the cloud.

Do you agree that using a virtual desktop will be beneficial to BYOD, and this is ripe? Or do you believe this is only hype?

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