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Guest Blogger: Mike Johnson

Ever heard of a BYOD “mandate”? According to new research from Gartner, it’s coming, and we should start getting ready now.

BYOD office

Put simply, a BYOD mandate is a policy that requires employees to use their personal device for work purposes. As the costs of owning a smartphone decline, and more workers start bringing their own devices to the office, more than 50% of companies will implement some kind of BYOD mandate by 2017, according to Gartner.

Such a change could ignite the current BYOD debate into a full-fledged controversy, with employees who are unwilling to pay for an expensive mobile device at odds with employers that require them to carry one for business. We recently held a webinar to discuss how you can prepare for these changes, and we’re offering a free copy of the Gartner report, Best Practices for Supporting ‘Bring Your Own’ Mobile Devices. We also have fact sheets and how-to guides that we hope can help you resolve this potential conflict before it arises in your organization.

But we want to hear from you, too: Is the threat of widespread BYOD mandates ripe, and coming faster than we realize, or hype, and just overblown fears of a crisis that won’t come to fruition?

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