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David KinlawGuest blogger: David Kinlaw, Practice Manager, Protection Services

A recent survey of UK cloud users had some interesting findings about how our perceptions of the cloud may be just the opposite of reality. Some key findings:

  • 52% of non-cloud users said security was a top concern with moving to the cloud, but 94% of cloud adoptees experienced better security with their data in the cloud
  • 51% of cloud holdouts cited reliability as a potential issue in switching to the cloud, but 82% of current users said moving the cloud had improved their system availability
  • 45% of non-users said privacy was a barrier to cloud adoption, while 68% of those on the cloud said their data privacy had actually increased
  • Significantly, 78% of cloud users reported cost savings as a direct result of moving to the cloud.
cloud infographic

How much has the cloud become a part of your daily life? View our infographic to see.

There is evidently a gap between the reality of the cloud and our perceptions of it. We recently released a cloud infographic that visually describes how pervasive the cloud has become in our personal and professional lives. We believe at Logicalis that a secure, efficient and affordable cloud is not the future, but the present.

What do you think? Is it time for businesses to move to the cloud (ripe), or should we be more cautious, and make sure the cloud isn’t just hype? Tell us why in the comments.

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