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Guest author: Kevin Gruneisen

A full 25% of companies are currently transitioning their IT services from public cloud providers to on-premise systems and/or the private cloud, according to new research from CompTIA.  Should you consider doing the same?

Alexander Kirch/

Alexander Kirch/

The main reasons cited by those making the switch to another public cloud provider are security, costs, and reliability and performance. Moving from one public cloud to another was the most popular type of move, the study found.  Among those moving to an on-premise model, security was by far the #1 consideration, with 60% of respondents saying they anticipated better security after the move.

Over half of the companies included in the study had switched cloud providers since their initial jump into the cloud. With the public cloud market growing at $20 billion a year, it’s no surprise that organizations are finding it easier to shop around for cloud solutions that better fit their individual needs.

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