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Guest author: Kevin Gruneisen, VP of Data Center Solutions

The benefits of using cloud as a competitive advantage are well documented, both in this blog and across the IT landscape. However, new research is out that more clearly shows that staying at the forefront of cloud technology delivers major results for your business.

In a recent global survey of over 800 cloud decision makers, organizations that use cloud as a competitive advantage reported nearly double the revenue growth of their competitors who are more cautious with the cloud. Even more impressive, these leaders had 2.5 times the gross revenue growth compared to the rest of the pack.

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Is your organization a cloud leader? If not, maybe you should be. A few more highlights from the study gave more insight into why cloud early-adopters were more successful:

  • They were 117% more likely to use the cloud to enable data-driven decisions
  • 79% more likely to use cloud to collaborate and maximize expertise within the organization (highlighting the power of cloud in bridging gaps between your most skilled employees)
  • 136% more likely to use the cloud to reinvent customer relationships

Do you think these findings are ripe, and there is a clear relationship between the cloud and business success? Or is this hype, and just a coincidental finding? We want to hear your thoughts–tell us why in the comments.