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After making the decision to outsource IT support, the search for the right provider begins. Avoid making these 5 common mistakes when shopping for the right option:

1. Making a decision based on price alone.

Many business decisions are based solely on cost – but IT support should not be one of them. Often, the company with the lowest price also provides the lowest level of service. First, determine what type of service is best for your business and then compare the price of the companies that can offer what you need. Ensuring you get what you need from the beginning will save money and headaches in the future.

2. Avoiding choosing a company with a set delivery model to save money.

It may seem cost effective to choose a company that doesn’t have a well-established service model – seemingly you can choose the type of service delivery that works for you and avoid unnecessary costs. The bad news is that these types of under-established providers may be inexperienced and unable to provide additional help, should you need it in the future.

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3. Choosing not to explore different payment models.

Is a pay-per-ticket system best for your company? Would it be more efficient to stick to a monthly contract and possibly pay for services that you don’t use? These are questions that should be considered. Companies who charge solely based on the number of tickets submitted may not have the incentive to be proactive in preventing future issues. If you’re paying a set monthly rate, you may feel like you’re paying for services that you’re not using, although it’s likely previous problems are being evaluated and prevented from recurring.

4. Eliminating service providers because they’re offshore (or onshore).

It’s not wise to determine that you’re for or against a company simply because they’re located offshore (or onshore). Consider an option that includes a combination that can be adjusted based on current and future needs.

5. Misunderstanding the cost vs. benefits of outsourcing IT support.

If you’re currently supporting an in-house help desk, know the current investment and what you’re getting in return in order to compare. It’s important to consider factors such as availability and breadth of knowledge in addition to monetary cost.

What other mistakes should you avoid when outsourcing IT support?