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Guest author: Mike Alley, Director, IT Service Management

An efficient help desk runs like a well-oiled machine – prioritizing tickets, tracking time and quickly finding solutions. When shopping for a help desk service provider, consider asking these three questions:

How do you keep records?

There’s a reason you often hear “this call may be monitored for quality assurance,” when you call a customer service hotline. It’s important to keep meticulous records of all issues and complaints, even if a customer doesn’t officially file a ticket. Keeping effective records saves you time later if a similar issue arises or if you need to follow up on a previous ticket.

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How do you communicate effectively with customers?

It’s important for service providers to keep customers in the know. If it’s taking longer than expected to close a ticket, does a representative reach out to let you know? It can feel like needs aren’t being met when there is a lapse of communication, which can create an even bigger issue for both parties. When service providers explain each step, including delays or setbacks, frustration can be prevented on both ends.

Do you have processes in place? Will each ticket be handled the same way?

Having processes in place can help employees provide you with the best customer service possible. If the processes are followed for each ticket, errors are less likely to be made and therefore delays are less likely to occur. However, if employees aren’t following the processes correctly – or if going through the motions is more hindering than helpful, consider it a red flag.

What other questions are helpful when shopping for help desk services?