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Guest author: Paul Miller, Senior Solution Architect, Data Centers

Managing the day-to-day operations of an on-site data center is a lot of work, but when there is an issue, it can be daunting. While there is no “quick fix,” there are a few options when an organization begins to run out of space, power or cooling:


If space isn’t the issue, optimizing your existing facility can be the answer to increasing space and cooling power. Improving the efficiency of the physical location using air economizers, humidifiers and high-efficiency transformers, and reducing the workload of the server are huge steps in conservation.

Arjuna Kodisinghe/

Arjuna Kodisinghe/


Moving is, by no means, a quick or easy solution, but if you’ve outgrown your current physical space, there are very few additional options. Whether your organization decides to select an entirely new site or expand the current location, assessing current needs and future expectations can help you avoid this issue from recurring.


When optimization or relocation are neither the right options for your organization, outsourcing may be the answer. There are two types of outsourcing for data centers: co-location and cloud computing. Outsourcing can be a great option for receiving high quality service while saving money and resources.

Has your company started to outgrow its data center? If so, do you plan to optimize, relocate or outsource?