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BYOD use among enterprise employees appears to be growing, according to a recent Gartner survey, but some organizations still have yet to jump on board the mobile computing bandwagon.

Tatsianama /

Tatsianama /

Some telling stats from the survey:

  • If run at its optimal capacity, a BYOD program could add up to 32 work hours per month, per employee. That’s nearly a week’s worth of productivity added every month.
  • The majority of BYOD users (74%) say their employers allow BYOD and actively manage it. However, 7% of respondents said their employers had not acted on BYOD, and 19% said their organizations had not communicated a BYOD strategy to them.
  • 26% of those surveyed said their employers required use of their personal devices for work purposes, and 33% said they were allowed to use their own devices for work, but were not required to do so.
  • Just 15% of respondents said their company allows BYOD and enforces a signed mobile device policy.
  • Among all respondents, nearly half use their personal mobile device for work productivity. 43% use it for social communication, 35% to access enterprise data, and 20% use their mobile device to access back-end systems behind a firewall via VPN.

Past research has found that most IT leaders have a favorable view of BYOD, and see greater reliance on BYOD as an unavoidable part of the future workplace. Learn more about how BYOD can help you maximize productivity in your organization.