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The State of Indiana has come up with a clever way to leverage the SAP HANA® in-memory database, which features data processing capabilities that essentially eliminate data redundancy and latency.


As highlighted in a recent SAP press release, Indiana is deploying SAPA HANA as the foundation for an initiative to improve data efficiency across state government. The system will allow citizens to track state progress against government key performance indicators in near-real time.

SAP HANA is also playing a key role in helping the state address another key initiative—lowering the infant mortality rate, which in Indiana currently runs above the U.S. average. The state plans to use insights powered by SAP HANA to understand and address the multi-faceted causes of infant mortality by sorting through data from multiple agencies and parsing more than 50 data sets.

As the press release points out, SAP HANA is an ideal platform for quickly combining and analyzing data in complex public administration challenges. This is especially true for infant mortality, which can be affected by diverse factors ranging from environmental pollutants to maternal health and even crime.

Addressing the infant mortality rate issue is just one example of how the combination of SAP HANA—with other analytic solutions from SAP as well as SAP Lumira and the SAP Mobile Platform—is enabling state and local municipalities to more closely manage communities in partnership with their citizens.

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