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Converged infrastructures are attracting more and more attention from enterprises these days: MarketsandMarkets forecasts the worldwide converged infrastructure market will to grow from $11.53 billion in 2014 to $ 33.89 billion in 2019.1

By stitching together server, storage, networking, virtualization and other resources into



an integrated solution, a converged infrastructure allows businesses to standardize on one set of technologies for all devices. The converged approach is made possible because all technologies in use today—servers, storage, networks, applications and management—have evolved to the point where they can converge into a single entity.

When compared to traditional isolated infrastructures, a converged infrastructure also reduces complexity greatly while pooling resources and helping automate IT processes. Converged infrastructures also lower costs and increase the ability of IT to respond to the needs of the business more nimbly.

Companies can turn to a converged infrastructure for achieving a wide variety of IT objectives:

  • Reducing the complexity and cost of data centers, networks, and infrastructures.
  • Deploying private cloud solutions.
  • Integrating with existing applications to accelerate time-to-application value.
  • Addressing application-specific workloads for enterprise applications and systems—including ERP, databases, VDI and mobility.
  • Improving upon the speed to provision IT resources.
  • Establishing a common and modern IT architecture that pools resources across servers, storage and networking.

From the IT perspective, a converged infrastructure provides a single pane of glass to easily take control of the data center environment. Examples of systems that can be consolidated and managed under a converged solution include resource provisioning, network management, server performance, virtualization, cloud migration, data storage, cross-system reporting and compliance management.

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