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By Doug Garaux, Architect, Cloud & Data Center Consulting, Logicalis US

As your data center grows more complex and plays a more critical role in meeting business needs, your old technologies and processes may no longer be up to the task. Many IT professionals are addressing this challenge by deploying virtualization management tools as well as software-defined networks and storage along with and converged infrastructures.

Doing so creates a foundation for a Software Defined Data Center (SDDC).  If you’re not sure whether an SDDC is a good idea for your company, here are four key benefits that may help you make the decision on whether or not to move from a manual to an automated environment:

  1. Provides a business-focused approach: The SDDC shifts IT from a technology or device approach to one that supports how people work—both within the data center and throughout the organization. Businesses can also automate the delivery of IT resources through a unified process so your data center operates the way you want, not the way component or isolated technologies demand.
  1. Simplifies data center management: Simpler is better. Rather than multiple tools to manage the variety of technologies in the data center—from servers to switches to storage devices—the SDDC provides a single platform for monitoring, updating and scaling server, storage and networking resources.
  1. Increases the speed of service delivery: When deploying enterprise technology services, the use of automation and software-defined mapping of server, storage and networking resources provides for greater agility, control, efficiency and reliability.
  1. Extends the benefits of automation and orchestration: With a properly-configured SDDC, you can poise your business to extend the benefits of automation and orchestration into any IT services delivery workflow. This means that previously-complex IT services can now be deployed in a standard, repeatable fashion.

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