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The acceptance of the cloud—coupled with CIOs wanting to run more efficient service-led operations— has led to unprecedented change in the way IT services are consumed and delivered. Logicalis is meeting this need with an increasing competitive array of offerings that help CIOs and other IT pros create and manage a service-defined enterprise. Here’s a quick overview on two of our newest offerings:

  • Cloud Storage for Backup integrates cloud storage into existing backup installations. This allows businesses to quickly back up mission-critical data to the cloud where it is not only safely protected and stored off-site, but also much more easily retrieved. Available as a service through a monthly subscription, the solution reduces archival costs up to 30 percent compared to traditional tape storage methods.
  • Multi-Cloud Management Portal is ideal for businesses that have purchased a variety of different cloud solutions through multiple cloud providers, which can make managing virtual resources very difficult. Built on a VMware platform the portal allows businesses to see all their cloud resources, upload and control virtual machines, and view data loads. Business can also see resource usage and what each cloud resource costs per month. All pertinent cloud data appears in one place, which greatly assists in moving toward a services-defined model.

If your business is just starting the cloud journey, or if you’re already in the process, determine just how far along you are by visiting