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In a world where as-a-service technology now makes on-demand experiences the norm among internal users, many CIOs find themselves struggling to remain relevant. The solution to answering this challenge lies in the service defined enterprise.

By using this new paradigm, CIOs can become both a business partner to the organization and a service provider to internal users. The serviced defined enterprise also helps CIOs create a portfolio of user services and experiences, and an agile and responsive IT operation—as well as a more affordable and sustainable technology consumption model.

It’s a transformation journey that requires a well-planned service management strategy. But if done correctly, the service defined enterprise provides value through business outcomes driven by IT rather than the technology itself.

Here are three ways that CIOs and their IT teams can streamline the journey:

Rapid Adoption: First establish a baseline for the process to transform IT into an internal service provider. Establishing the baseline within the context of a service management strategy also helps drive measurable, reportable business outcomes.

Rapid Improvement: The next step is to build a continual improvement process that helps IT mature as an internal service provider. A good service management strategy is fluid—key performance indicators must be continually measured, and IT must look for new ways to grow and improve their services on an ongoing basis.

Rapid Value: This third step marks the point where IT becomes a true value-added partner to the business. Through the rapid adoption of a service management strategy and continuous rapid improvements, IT can add real and measurable business value focused on business outcomes that demonstrate the value of IT to the organization.

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