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Multi-national companies benefit greatly from a single IT partner that can seamlessly provide managed services across all their geographies. Logicalis meets the need with a common service platform featuring interchangeable components that deliver benefits similar to those of vehicle manufacturers: Car companies achieve scalability, reliability, and flexibility by focusing on interchangeable components that operate across an array of vehicles. As a result, components can be assembled to produce a range of vehicle choices based on local market requirements.

We duplicated this model by deconstructing our managed services offering into interchangeable service components that can be quickly assembled. Our common service platform enables consistent and mature remote management of ongoing IT operations on an international basis. You can choose from a menu of service components—just like automobile manufacturers—designed for service quality and consistency, regardless of geographic location.

The platform essentially provides you with five significant advantages:

  1. Pre-Designed Intelligence: No questions, no manual procedures to reference and no last-minute decisions about how to handle issues: the intelligence has already been predesigned into the service components, resulting in consistent services across geographic regions.
  1. Technology Leadership: We help you assess technology trends and can guide your technology decisions to help you maximize IT ROI.
  1. Automated Efficiencies: Process workflows and automation ensure consistent, rules-based efficiencies, allowing us to focus on restoring service, resolving root issues, and managing your technology.
  1. Maturity Boosters: You can stop working your way up the IT maturity ladder by inheriting the mature systems and processes we have already built.
  1. Intelligent Portal: our portal gives you one place to monitor and interact with the services and devices being managed and to check on the status of your SLAs. You can also leverage the integration of our managed services with our on-demand cloud offerings.

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