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We live in a “right now” society where services must be available on demand—video and mobile just to name two. So why wouldn’t business users expect the same of their computing capabilities?

The problem for many CIOs is that they’re accustomed to providing efficiencies and capabilities while users want a consumer experience. But this requires an underlying shift away from IT as a provider of “always on” technology to a service-defined enterprise that offers an array of a la carte computing experiences.

CIOs who embrace the service-defined movement make their departments more relevant to their organizations. Accepting the changes that need to take place to implement a services-led IT transformation is perhaps the most difficult part.

But the effort is well worth it—as shown by these six key benefits of successful on-demand, service-defined environments:

  1. Kick-Starts Communication with the Business: IT once again has a seat at the line-of-business table and regains the ability to guide the organization in its technology resource-usage.
  1. Provides IT Resource Flexibility: The end result of a service-defined enterprise is an on-demand, flexible IT infrastructure that morphs quickly and easily in response to changes within the organization.
  1. Helps Anticipate the Future: IT can more easily adopt management techniques and processes that help anticipate and prepare for future demands.
  1. Fosters Efficiency: IT can also deliver a wider array of services more quickly—with a lower, more manageable op-ex price tag compared to building and managing everything in house.
  1. Verifies Security and Reliability: A service-defined enterprise facilitates always-on reliability and impenetrable security, which are critical, because today, nothing less is accepted.
  1. Creates a Center of Excellence: By dispensing with second-guessing, the service-defined enterprise creates a “Center of Excellence” that offers business agility and velocity while also continuing to provide availability and performance management.

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