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When you think about the technologies hospitals focus on, printers probably don’t top the list. But they should!

Driven by Meaningful Use, the Affordable Care Act, ICD-10 and electronic record-keeping methodologies, hospitals experience as much as an 11% increase in annual print volumes. At the same time, they often have little visibility into their print assets and operations—which can lead to stockpiling of supplies and a mismatch of equipment and needs.

Along with this lack of visibility, industry experts point to eight other factors that cost hospitals millions of dollars each year:

  1. Annual print volumes increase as much as 9% in black & white and 19% in color print processes.
  1. The average employee generates $850-$1000 per year in document output costs.
  1. As many as half of all calls to hospital help desks are related to print issues.
  1. Up to 25% of consumables and parts are wasted.
  1. Early cartridge replacement prompts are responsible for as much as 15% of ink supply waste.
  1. Desktop-connected printers can be the most expensive component of the printer fleet on a per-page basis; they also tend to be underutilized, have more expensive supplies, and are complex to manage.
  1. The first-year average return-on-investment for a Managed Print Service solution is as high as 35% of a hospital’s print-related expenses.
  1. Managed Print Service providers never see the actual documents, just the volume data, which means there is no possibility for HIPAA violations to occur.

Logicalis recently announced the availability of Managed Print as a Service for Healthcare to help hospitals take on the printer management challenge. The cloud-based offering generates cost savings by monitoring print activity and providing analytics as well as automated alerts to optimize supply orders and service requests.

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