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Thanks to easy-to-use technologies and affordable video options, a wide range of employees—executives, trainers, customer service, sales and remote workers—are now discovering the full power of video interaction and collaboration. This is key, because to prosper in today’s marketplace, IT needs to extend video collaboration to all employees as well as business partners and customers.

The ‘visual touch’ of video generates business value by uniting decentralized workforces and increasing business agility, and the adoption of the technology has been driven in recent years by the increased cost of travel, new ways of working and changes in the marketplace. Just about any size business can benefit from video collaboration to improve communications—particularly those with people in more than one place and thus need to cut travel costs.

Some firms make the mistake of assuming video conferencing is too expensive. But solutions come in many forms—from desktop and mobile endpoints to elaborate custom rooms. By analyzing how your business can leverage video, you will likely discover that you can deploy the technology within a cost- effective budget.

Other businesses hold off because they tried video conferencing before but the quality was poor It may have also been cumbersome to operate, which meant few people used it. Today’s solutions, however, feature high-definition quality and are easy to set up. Video calls can be placed and managed with intuitive touchpads—just as easy as making voice calls.

And even if your company doesn’t have a lot of people who travel, travel reduction is only a small part of the value of video. Creating sales, marketing and employee training videos that can be accessed from anywhere 7×24 improves speed-to-market as well as employee retention and productivity.

As you consider video for your business, it’s best to incorporate the solution within the context of a broader communications and collaboration strategy. Visit our website to find out how all the communication technologies can enable unified collaboration among all your employees, customers and business partners around the world.