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Businesses that think their data is secure should think again. Every day, new organizations—including prominent retailers and government agencies—join the ranks of an ever-growing list of top-name enterprises whose infrastructures have been breached.

No security solution can unequivocally provide protection across an entire infrastructure. Hackers go around them and through the spaces in between. The only effective approach to security is a holistic, architectural methodology that is manageable, adaptable, resilient and responsive.

The essentials of an architectural approach include solutions driven by the need for system-wide visibility. The solutions you deploy should also focus on detecting, understanding and stopping threats. They must extend beyond the network to include all connected devices—even the cloud.

To help your company institute a multi-faceted approach to combatting breaches, here are three steps to identify, thwart and prevent data loss:

  1. See Everything: Be “network omniscient.” In other words, see—either physically or virtually—what’s happening from end-to-end throughout your network at all times. This includes extending your visibility beyond the walls of your data center to mobile devices, the cloud and any other source connected to your network.
  1. Prepare: Even the best defenses are penetrable. You thus need to quickly detect breaches and have pre-planned procedures at-the-ready to intervene. Focusing on the threat cybercriminals pose today means taking the visibility gained in step one, applying your knowledge, understanding potential threats, and adapting your responses to combat them.
  1. Eliminate Gaps: To cybercriminals, siloed compute capabilities are akin to an unlocked back door. Securing the corporate network is, of course, vital, but that security has to extend to all the devices and cloud platforms with which your network interacts.

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