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A Q&A with Nicole Clinard, Logicalis System Architect, Voice and Collaboration

Q: What are some of the common frustrations IT pros are experiencing with video and how can a managed video collaboration solution help?

A: At the same time that video collaboration has become a must-have in modern organizations, the growth of video makes some very strict demands on the underlying infrastructure. Delay, packet loss, storage and bandwidth capacity can all adversely affect video quality. When video degrades for any reason, it quickly frustrates users. You don’t want to be the one who set up the corporate-wide video call with the CEO only to have his or her image jiggle uncontrollably on video screens in offices around the country.

At Logicalis, our Managed Video Collaboration solution monitors your video collaboration infrastructure and ensures that all your systems perform optimally, not just for your CEO, but for all your employees and the partners and customers they communicate with.

Q: What does the service cover?

A: I’ll give you the short list:

  • Real-time monitoring and advanced troubleshooting for the underlying transport infrastructure, including all end points
  • Expedited operator resolution of service quality issues before they affect end users
  • Proactive fault detection and rapid isolation
  • A complete view of end-to-end voice and video session paths

Q: How is the service delivered?

A: Managed video collaboration is provided by our managed services team. It’s available on its own for organizations that are not already managed services clients, but the two services obviously complement each other.

Q: What are the key benefits for IT pros?

A: One of the key benefits of having your video collaboration infrastructure monitored and managed by a third party is that it frees up your IT team to focus on all the other ways besides video that they support your business. Our tools also provide both real-time and historic data on video quality to help you follow trends, identify bottlenecks and proactively resolve issues before they become problems.

Q: Does managed video collaboration generally include help with special events?

A: It’s an option. For example, we offer Service Desk Unified Communications/Videoconference Event Support as an option for managed video collaboration customers to help with special events. Before the event, we handle the booking of devices and resources and reserve bandwidth and quality of service to ensure a high-level experience. During the video event, we monitor our clients’ total videoconferencing system to ensure all the necessary resources are working, capture real-time statistics on quality, watch for anyone having trouble connecting, and set up an operator conference to help them join the call.  If there is an incident, we can escalate that to our video specialists on our managed services team for advanced troubleshooting.

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