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By Mike Johnson, Director of Technical Sales, Logicalis US

Integrate your employees, your customers and your partners in a shared IT environment as big as your world.

Each integrated capability layer in the corporate enterprise pyramid is enabled by and extends the capabilities of the layers below it. Benefits extend throughout your organization in the process of harnessing collaboration technologies to accomplish your business objectives.

So what is Integrated Collaboration?

The Integrated Collaboration layer of our Collaborative Enterprise triangle consists of the following components; Mobility, Video, and Contact Center. The purpose of adding these components to your enterprise is to enhance that first level of the triangle, the Communication Components. The connected collaboration technologies empower the diverse personal relationships that enhance productivity and drive innovation. Together they bring people in your world together and act as a robust system for the modern IT environment.

The Integrated Collaboration layer includes:

Mobility Services: Enable your business-critical applications to work securely and seamlessly for your mobile workforce. PBX, IPT, smartphones, Internet phones, email, voicemail, fax – the diverse assortment of communication devices available today can be a minefield of conflicting protocols and interfaces. Mobility services make them all a walk in the park.

Video- Video solutions eliminate geographic boundaries and allow you to literally sit across a conference table from fellow participants, regardless of where they are in the world. For organization with offices and/or clients around the world, video provides an ideal environment for work sessions, training session, sales presentations, contract review sessions and brainstorming sessions of all kinds.

Contact Centers – Open a direct line to your customers that showcases your ability to respond quickly and effectively. Make your agents twice as productive during a call, and you can realize a savings of up to half of you personnel budget. Empower your agents to respond quickly and effectively to your customers and you can enhance customer relations immeasurably. Enable your agents the flexibility to from home, and you cut the turnover create and replacement costs dramatically.

Integrated Collaboration: What is it and why do I need it?

Would you like to reduce or avoid travel, infrastructure, energy and office space costs?

Do you want to improve your product development process?

How about strengthening customer satisfaction and loyalty?

Applying a collaboration layer to your communication structure can help you with all of these things.

With the addition of Mobility Services, Video Solutions and Contact Centers you will benefit from Operational ROI, Productivity ROI, and Strategic ROI.

The success of your organization is tied to your ability to extend your system so that it encompasses your customers, partners and suppliers.