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By Logicalis Staff

At Cisco’s recent annual partner conference in San Francisco, California, Logicalis US received Cisco’s Architectural Excellence Award in Security for the Central US in recognition of its innovative practices, leadership and outcome-focused programs as a Cisco business partner in the United States.

A Cisco Gold Partner, Logicalis US helps its clients evaluate the effectiveness of their IT security solutions and develop holistic, adaptable, risk-aware strategies for managing security threats across the entire attack continuum – before, during and after an attack occurs.  It also offers a portfolio of managed security services designed to monitor, evaluate and respond to security threats on its clients’ behalf.

Cisco Partner Summit Theatre awards reflect the top-performing partners within specific technology markets. All award recipients are selected by a group of Cisco Global Partner Organization and regional and theatre executives.

Cisco Partner Summit is attended by more than 2,100 global attendees from Cisco’s ecosystem of partners representing more than 1,000 companies worldwide from more than 75 countries.


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