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Ron Temske, Vice President, Security Solutions, Logicalis US

How do you reduce gaps in visibility and coverage while mitigating remediation costs and breach damage? The answer: Take an Umbrella Approach to Security. In my earlier blog posts, I described how a starting point for enterprise connectivity to anywhere is the Domain Name Services or DNS. Then I described the benefits and just a few of the ways this umbrella approach to DNS can protect your enterprise environment.

Today I’d like to discuss what’s behind the Cisco Umbrella approach and why it’s an obvious choice for providing enterprise security.

[Infographic: Click for full view]


First, as we’ve seen, it’s the simplest security solution to deploy, enabling you to start protecting users across your organization in minutes. This is because there’s no hardware or software to install. Installation is as simple as pointing your corporate DNS server to Cisco’s OpenDNS Umbrella service.

Second, it’s cloud-based and constantly monitoring internet traffic for new malicious activity and malware threats. It doesn’t require you to constantly request the latest signature files for local scans.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, it applies a big data approach to internet security. Look at our infographic (click to enlarge) and you’ll see the way Volume, Velocity and Variety are treated as internet security big data properties. The Cisco Umbrella solution utilizes big data and advanced data mining techniques to discover and predict threats that other security technologies do not.

As you can see, the three-steps of Discover, Identify and Enforce enables this umbrella approach to security to provide continual coverage that improves with each new enterprise user.