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By Mike Alley, Service Management Principal, Logicalis US

IT Service Management has been associated with “automation” and “efficiency” in IT operations for as long as I can remember.  But there is a little known, rarely discussed fact that service management professionals should be sharing with their clients – and that is, ITSM isn’t just for IT anymore.

Imagine what would happen if the same successes seen with IT Service Management in the IT department could be applied in other areas of your business? The truth is, they can.

The principles behind IT Service Management didn’t create new tasks or new functions for IT.  They helped make the tasks and functions that your IT staff was already doing better. They ensured more accuracy, less risk and a lower cost for compliance in IT. And because many of the tasks and functions your non-IT employees are doing today are also process driven, the same methodologies and platforms applied to IT can be applied to processes outside IT to drive similar efficiencies in most of your organization’s business units.

What Can Enterprise Service Management Do for You?

Using the same principles and toolsets as ITSM, but moving these principles into new departments ranging from finance and legal to facilities and field services, you can realize significantly broader companywide efficiencies and a short, but impactful return on investment. Here are just a few of the ways Logicalis has applied ITSM principles to business units outside of IT for some of our clients:

  • Helped a large bank’s branch offices capture and more efficiently route customer inquiries to the appropriate divisions for quicker resolutions.
  • Developed a guest relationship management application for a nationwide restaurant chain.
  • Created a custom solution for quicker, more accurate deployments of nationwide healthcare workers by combining ServiceNow’s Field Service module with the interface to Google Maps.
  • Automated employee onboarding and offboarding processes for several customers.
  • Deployed a supply chain operations application to significantly reduce the number of defective products shipped to stores.
  • Helped a large media and entertainment company realize significant operational improvements and incidence response times by running its popular broadcast operations via a service management platform.

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