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By Renae Johnson, National Cisco Alliance Senior Director, Logicalis US

This morning, Logicalis announced that we have earned the Cisco Global Gold certification, a stringent partner certification that acknowledges our expertise across all regions and geographies, authenticating our ability to plan, design, implement and operate Cisco solutions without borders.  This important certification also recognizes the depth of Logicalis’ business and technology capabilities as well as our ability to deliver Cisco solutions worldwide with quality and consistency in all of our services and support.  Logicalis is now one of a very elite group of solution providers to have earned this important distinction.

Logicalis earned this certification as a result of the depth of our capability in supporting Cisco technologies and services, the scale of our multi-national delivery expertise, and our unique ability to deliver a singular global experience to customers. The certification also recognizes our unified worldwide approach to solutions, services and support through our team of highly skilled and specialized professionals worldwide.

A significant contributing factor to our success in delivering a seamless worldwide customer experience is our investment in the Logicalis Common Services Platform, a framework based on standard ITIL processes that has been painstakingly designed to deliver repeatable, consistent services across all geographies while still giving Logicalis the ability to remain flexible and agile in meeting our customers’ unique regional needs.

It is a great privilege to be named a Cisco Global Gold partner. The designation proves that the hard work and dedication of our entire Cisco sales and support team has been recognized and validated both by Cisco and our own global customers.  It also gives our future customers a reliable benchmark and peace of mind knowing, when they choose Logicalis as a multi-national IT solution provider partner, they will receive unprecedented consistency and quality of work supporting every region of the world, something which makes their global projects significantly easier to manage and implement.

I invite you to explore Logicalis’ global capabilities and to talk with us to see how the skills and capabilities that made it possible for us to earn our Cisco Global Gold certification can be of benefit to your organization.

Want to learn more? Logicalis has the resources and experience to effectively serve a wide array of customers around the world; learn more about Logicalis’ international expertise, then find out what Logicalis’ Cisco Global Gold certification can mean for your business. Also, in a recent survey of 890 CIOs around the world, Logicalis learned about the opportunities and challenges CIOs are facing as they work to unlock the benefits of digital transformation in their organizations.  To learn more, download the 2017/2018 Logicalis Global CIO Survey here: