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When a university in Ohio received a surprise $1 million grant to launch an ambitious program, they turned to their Logicalis Account Executive Bill L’Esperance.

L’Esperance and Logicalis Solution Architect Dave Jessup met with Youngstown State University and their IT department to help them find a way to use technology to improve learning. They suggested a campus collaboration solution that would connect YSU to other universities throughout the world.

To demonstrate the value of the solution, they suggested using YSU President Jim Tressel’s conference room as a pilot project. With a successful pilot behind them, L’Esperance and Jessup—along with the YSU IT team—began meeting with each college to review their needs.

They identified use cases for each school and talked about how to leverage collaboration and distance learning technology in classrooms and conference rooms and through remote connectivity. They also discussed how to integrate the solution with YSU applications, such as their learning management system (LMS).

L’Esperance and Jessup built standard offerings for consistency and budgeting and facilitated the installation and networking throughout YSU. Today, 6 collaboration stations have been completed and another 11 will be completed this spring.

Logicalis also provided individual training for faculty and staff on how to use and maximize the technology and built out the support documentation for the YSU IT team. Today, we continue to provide ongoing support to individual colleges and the YSU IT department.

With its expertise in higher education and a dedicated GovEd practice, Logicalis had the experience and tools to deliver a project that exceeded YSU’s vision for a connected campus. It also enables its employees, like L’Esperance and Jessup, to engage customers with a highly consultative approach that enables them to deliver the highest level of customer success. 

Together, Logicalis and YSU implemented a collaboration technology system to enable students to attend class, no matter where they are.

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