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How 3 Public Sector Customers Overcame Their Technology Challenges

  • Does planning for and implementing technology solutions tax your IT team?
  • Does your network infrastructure fail to agilely support the initiatives needed to securely serve citizens and students?
  • Is budget—or lack of it—an ongoing issue?
  • Does a burdensome procurement process keep your organization from reaching its goals?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these, you’re not alone. Most public sector organizations today face ongoing cost, complexity, and resource challenges and struggle to find the right technology solutions—or to get the technology right.

As a featured 1GPA vendor, Logicalis understands the unique challenges of working in the public sector. We can help you cut through the quagmire and quickly procure the right technology solutions at the most competitive prices, while providing professional advisory, consulting, and managed services so your IT team can stay focused on serving your core constituencies.

Through these end-to-end solutions—and with our industry knowledge and deep, award-winning expertise in data center, cloud services, security, network infrastructure, modern workspace collaboration, and IT modernization technologies—we enable smarter campuses and communities.

Logicalis has hundreds of active public sector customers in education and government all across the U.S., with many taking advantage of the ease and competitive pricing available through 1GPA:

Paradise Valley Unified School District(33,500 students in 31 elementary schools, 8 middle schools, and 6 high schools)

  • Challenge: Quickly, economically, and flexibly connecting 47 campuses spread over 98 square miles of rolling terrain fast—and without a complicated bid process.
  • Solution: Eliminated expensive and cumbersome T-1 connections between campuses and, using a streamlined 1GPA procurement process, designed and procured a private WAN infrastructure to better handle voice, video and data traffic at 47 locations.
  • Results: Through 1GPA, Logicalis integrated a VoIP system and Cisco IP phones to the district’s existing Cisco network and the new campus-to-campus wireless connection, enabling voice traffic to be routed over the data network and providing long-term return on investment (ROI). The district’s campuses also enjoy wireless mobility via Cisco 802.11b/g Wireless LAN (WLAN) with an 802.11n deployment.

Town of Apple Valley, CA (120 employees serving 73,000 residents)

  • Challenge: Modernizing an aging infrastructure that was well past end of life, creating an environment conducive to outages, downtime, and risk.
  • Solution: Designed and executed a data center refresh plan by (1) updating their power systems, (2) modernizing the storage and backup system, (3) upgrading the virtual environment, (4) upgrading and re-installing the backup solution, and (5) updating the legacy network including switches, voice and wireless.
  • Results: Improved the performance of older applications and enabled support for newer applications, significantly reduced backup times from hours to minutes, streamlined data center management to better support Town initiatives, and enabled a collaborative network that keeps employees and citizens better informed.     

Brandon Cales, Innovation & Technology Officer: “It was their ability to understand the issues we were facing and, instead of pushing any one solution…[Logicalis] wanted to make sure that we were happy with the decisions we were making based on the recommendations they provided. They are definitely my go-to resource for any type of new project.”

Public Research University (One of the largest with 103,000+ undergraduates, 25,100 postgraduate students, and 4,704 faculty members)

  • Challenge: Quickly hiring and training critical IT talent, amid a global IT skills shortage and a fast-moving, highly competitive job market.
  • Solution: Logicalis Professional Services deployed 5 FTEs to the client’s site. Three trainees, recruited and vetted by Logicalis, are working onsite to learn wireless networking and networking programming skills. With their built-up knowledge and experience and integration into the environment, these trainees can become full-fledged university employees in 6 months. In addition, the university lost two key members of their security and vendor risk management team, leaving a critical expertise gap. Through staff augmentation, Logicalis quickly placed critical talent in those two roles and the university was able to quickly make and move on hiring offers via the 1GPA vehicle.
  • Results: By partnering with Logicalis and using the 1GPA contract, the university was able to build skills for the future by training raw talent while filling immediate gaps with higher level expertise and staff augmentation now. 1GPA took the time and complexity out of the procurement process, enabling the university to quickly make offers before candidates could secure other employment.

Matt Previts, Key Account Executive/Logicalis: “We like to say that we can do lots of things at volume, but it’s even more meaningful to do things with talent and people.”

You can see how Logicalis helps align our public sector customers’ goals and priorities with end-to-end solutions and services that help them overcome their technology challenges. We can help solve your technology challenges and, with 1GPA, procure the right technology solutions for you at the right price. 

Learn more about our 1GPA contract, view all of our contracts by state or find out more about how our GovEd practice can help you accomplish your priorities—all while complying with your organization’s procurement policies.